Peak anomaly in OGLE 2004-BLG-441

Peak anomaly in OGLE 2004-BLG-441

First posted on homepage: 29-Jul-2004
Moved to news archive: 30-Jul-2004

Data observed by PLANET on OGLE 2004-BLG-441 with the SAAO 1.0m telescope at Sutherland (South Africa), the Canopus 1.0m telescope near Hobart (Tasmania, Australia), and the Danish 1.54m telescope at ESO LaSilla (Chile) in three consecutive nights beginning 21-Jul show a departure from a lightcurve compatible with point-like source and lens near the peak at HJD = 2453208.52 +/- 0.05 (22-Jul, 0:30 UT +/- 12 h) with a magnification of about 1.8 mag above baseline.

If this deviation is due to the finite source size rather than binarity, our observations would allow us to measure the relative proper motion between lens and source, and with a determination of parallax, we would obtain mass and distance of the lens.

The described anomaly can be seen in our lightcurve showing PLANET and OGLE data.

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